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Our Special Issue in ‘Government and Opposition’ are now published online!  Click here for details. 

See here for some of the recent activities of our members:

Workshop: “Historical and Contemporary Expressions of Populism in Africa and Beyond” Albert Sharra

Member News November 2019

PAW-Section at the ECPR General Conference Gyda M. Sindre & Matthew Whiting

Events September 2019

PAW-Panel at the ECAS 2019 Conference Giulia Piccolino & Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs

Events June 2019

Workshop: “Varieties of Peace” Program, Uppsala Johanna Söderström & Gyda M. Sindre

Member News May 2019

PAW & Folke Bernadotte Academy Workshop, Stockholm Gyda M. Sindre & Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs

Events April 2019

Conference: “Extreme violence: investigate, rescue, judge. Syria, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo”, Paris Scott Straus

Member News March 2019

Workshop and Research-Policy Dialogue on Sustainable Peace Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs

Member News November 2018

The 2018-2019 Humanities Dialogue Scott Straus

Member News November 2018

Workshop ‘Recidivism, Recycling or Reintegration?: Revisiting DDR’ Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs

Member News November 2018

Blog post ‘How to remember Jonas Savimbi’ on Africa is a Country Justin Pearce

Blog Member NewsOctober 2018

Workshop ‘What can we learn from peacebuilding in Latin America’, Bogota, Colombia Giulia Piccolino

Member News October 2018

Presentation at the 2018 Swedish National Conference on Peace and Conflict Research  Johanna Söderström

Member News September 2018

Presentation at the African Studies Association of the United Kingdom biennial meeting  Justin Pearce

Member News September 2018

PAW-coordinated Panel at the Conflict Research Society Annual Conference 

Events September 2018

Presentation at the Conflict Research Society Annual Conference Giulia Piccolino

Member News September 2018

Presentation at the UN Genocide Convention at Seventy: The Politics of Mass Atrocity  Gyda Sindre

Member News September 2018

Post-Conflict Parties and Electoral Politics Working Group at the APSA Annual Meeting   Carrie Manning

Member News August/September 2018

Comparative case study research on post-conflict state-building in Sri Lanka, Spain and Rwanda Shama Ams, PhD Student at the Centre for Development Studies at the University of Cambridge

Blog February 2018