Member News

Congratulations to John Ishiyama for receiving the 2018 Frank Johnson Goodnow Award: read more here

Panel Discussion: Legacies of National Liberation Movements and their Militaries in Southern African Politics – Justin Pearce (March 2021)

Speaker Series Event: Exiting conflict on a two-way street – Ntagahoraho Z. Burihabwa (February 2021)

Report Launch: Supporters, spoilers or sidelined: the role of parliaments in peacebuilding – Nina Caspersen and Gyda Sindre (November 2020)

Geneva Peace Week: People Power, Peace Processes & Democratization – Véronique Dudouet (November 2020)

Webinar: Challenges of Identity-Based and Secessionist Conflicts – Carrie Manning & Gyda M. Sindre (April 2020)

Conference: “Conflict, Security and Development” Beyond the State: Rethinking Mechanisms for Peace, Security and Development – Gyda M. Sindre (March 2020)

Workshop: “Varieties of Peace” workshop on Relational Peace – Johanna Söderström & Gyda M. Sindre (February 2020)

Workshop: “EL war” Postwar Politics: Memory, Amnesia, and Denial in the Service of Electoral Victory – Benedetta Berti, Sarah Daly, Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs, Terrence Lyons, Carrie Manning, Justin Pearce & Gyda M. Sindre (February 2020)

Conference: La Côte d’Ivoire « post-conflit: Reconfigurations locales, sociales et politiques» – Giulia Piccolino (November 2019)

Workshop: “Historical and Contemporary Expressions of Populism in Africa and Beyond” – Albert Sharra (November 2019)

Conference: The Missing Picture: Rethinking Genocide Studies and Prevention –  14th Conference of the International Association for Genocide Scholars – Gyda M. Sindre & Ellen Stensrud (July 2019)

Workshop: “Varieties of Peace” Program – Johanna Söderström & Gyda M. Sindre (April 2019)

Conference: “Extreme violence: investigate, rescue, judge. Syria, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo” – Scott Straus (March 2019)

Presentation: University of Cape Town – Scott Straus (March 2019)

Workshop and Research-Policy Dialogue on Sustainable Peace – Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs (November 2018)

The 2018-2019 Humanities Dialogue – Scott Straus (November 2018)

Workshop: ‘Recidivism, Recycling or Reintegration? Revisiting DDR – Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs (November 2018)

Blog post ‘How to remember Jonas Savimbi’ on Africa is not a Country – Justin Pearce (October 2018)

Workshop: ‘What can we learn from peace-building in Latin America’ – Giulia Piccolino (October 2018)

Presentation at the African Studies Association of the United Kingdom biennial meeting – Justin Pearce (September 2018)

Presentation at the 2018 Swedish National Conference on Peace and Conflict Research – Johanna Söderström (September 2018)

Presentation at the Conflict Research Society Annual Conference – Giulia Piccolino (September 2018)

Presentation at the Conflict Research Society Annual Conference – Matthew Whiting (September 2018)

The UN Genocide Convention at Seventy: The Politics of Mass Atrocity Prevention – Gyda M. Sindre and Ellen Stensrud (September 2018)

Post-Conflict Parties and Electoral Politics Working Group at APSA  – Carrie Manning (August/September 2018)

British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship – Matthew Whiting (July 2018)

Midwest Political Science Association – Michael C. Marshall (April 2018)