Post-Conflict Parties and Electoral Politics Working Group at the APSA Annual Meeting

Carrie Manning is organising the Post-Conflict Parties and Electoral Politics Working Group at the American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Boston on 30 August – 2 September.

APSA working groups create the opportunity for small-group interaction among scholars with shared interests, creating opportunities for a conference within a conference. This working group seeks to increase communication and the potential for collaboration between scholars engaged in the study of post-war political parties and electoral politics. This growing area of comparative research already includes a range of scholars hailing from diverse backgrounds in the study of parties, political behavior, post-conflict peacebuilding and statebuilding, as well as specialists in the politics of various regions affected by conflict. This working group will draw attention to the work being done and the ways that it not only cross-cuts disciplinary fields and subfields, but also integrates the full range of qualitative, quantitative, and experimental methods. In addition to attending a common group of panels, participants will have the opportunity to meet outside of the APSA program to network with other scholars, discuss the state of knowledge on post-war parties and electoral politics, and explore possibilities for collaborative scholarship.

View the full schedule here.

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