Workshop on ‘Rebel-to-Party Transformation and Beyond’

The Politics After War Network held the Research Workshop Politics After War: Rebel-to-Party Transformation and Beyond in Stockholm on 25 – 26 April, 2019. This workshop was organised in cooperation with the Folke Bernadotte Academy (

See live tweets from the workshop here.

Overarching Questions

After the end of armed conflicts, formerly armed actors often continue to play an important role in postwar politics. While transforming warring actors to politicians can sometimes play a vital role for the gradual transformation from war dynamics to peaceful politics, they may also entrench militant norms, violent behaviour and war-time rhetoric and contribute to turning democratic elections into the “new battlegrounds”.  Why is this the case? Why do some individuals, networks, leaders, groups and former rebel parties choose one path but not the other? What are some of the short-term as well as the longterm consequences of political integration of formerly armed actors?


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