“Varieties of Peace” workshop on Relational Peace

Johanna Söderström, together with Malin Åkebo and Anna Jarstad, organised a “Varieties of Peace” workshop on relational peace in Uppsala, Sweden on 26-27 February, 2020. (See below for more information on the Varieties of Peace Program).

Gyda M. Sindre of the PAW network, via digital participation, presented her paper ‘Relational peace at the level of political parties: The case of Bosnia Herzegovina’.

Johanna Söderström also presented ‘Relational peace among elites in Cambodia? Domination, distrust and dependency’ and, with Malin Åkebo and Anna Jarstad, spoke on the article ‘Friends, Fellows and Foes: A new framework for studying relational peace’.

“Varieties of Peace” Program

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