PAW-Section at the ECPR General Conference – call for papers and panels open!

Gyda M. Sindre and Matthew Whiting will be chairing the Politics After War Section at the ECPR General Conference on 4-7 September 2019.  The conference will be held at the University of Wrocław, Poland. Call for papers and panels is now open, with a deadline of 18 February 2019. 

For more information on the Section and call for papers/panels, please visit this page

Political Dynamics After Civil War

This Section looks at the quality of peace and political dynamics after civil war, especially in cases that involved a rebel-to-party transformation. It will bring together a series of panels to examine a range of urgent and underexplored themes facing conflict studies today, including the organizational challenges facing former rebel parties; their influence on state building and peace building processes, and the meaningfulness of their engagement; democratization and institutional design following rebel transitions; the role of local dynamics (and their interaction with state and international processes) in the transformation of rebel groups and their subsequent trajectories; and the nature of governance and societal change after a rebel-to-party transformation, amongst others. It welcomes methodological diversity and innovation to encourage cross-disciplinary conversations about politics after civil war. In-depth case studies and large-N studies that engage in conversations across methodological boundaries are welcome. In addition, it welcomes empirical, theoretical and applied policy-focused research related to these themes.

We invite full panels and individual papers that broadly fall within the realm of the section topic. The section aims to place scholars at different stages of their careers in conversation with each other, in order to encourage, inspire and create dialogue between the fields of critical peace and conflict studies and political party research.



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