2018 Frank Johnson Goodnow Award (APSA) – John Ishiyama

Congratulations to Professor John Ishiyama for receiving the prestigious Frank Johnson Goodnow Award at the 2018 APSA Annual Meeting & Exhibition. The award recognizes outstanding service to the political science community and to the American Political Science Association.

The APSA Council established the Frank Johnson Goodnow Award in 1996 to honor service to the community of teachers, researchers, and public servants who work in the many fields of politics. In the words of the Association, John Ishiyama is the 2018 recipient in recognition of his “outstanding contributions to political science as an editor, teacher, mentor, and scholar”.

The Association particularly highlighted his contributions to improving the review process of the American Political Science Review, expanding the scope of the journal to be more reflective of the discipline, and also shaping the journal’s future course.

The Association further expressed appreciation for his efforts as a powerful advocate of the art and science of teaching within the discipline of political science. As a founding member of the coalition that pushed for the establishment of APSA’s annual teaching and learning conference, John Ishiyama played an important role in creating a new journal, Journal of Political Science Education.


To read more about the award and John Ishiyama’s contribution to the discipline, we encourage you to visit here.


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