The Routledge Handbook of Turkish Politics

PAW network researcher Matthew Whiting (University of Birmingham) has co-edited The Routledge Handbook of Turkish Politics (Routledge 2019) with Alpaslan Özerdem, bringing together 41 authors in the book’s 38 chapters.

Turkey today is going through possibly the most turbulent period in its history, with major consequences both nationally and internationally. The country looks dramatically different from the Republic founded by Atatürk in 1923. The pace of change has been rapid and fundamental, with core interlinked changes in ruling institutions, political culture, political economy, and society. Divided into six main parts, this Handbook provides a single-source overview of Turkish politics:

Part I: History and the making of Contemporary Turkey
Part II: Politics and Institutions
Part III: The Economy, Environment and Development
Part IV: The Kurdish Insurgency and Security
Part V: State, Society and Rights
Part VI: External Relations

This comprehensive Handbook is an essential resource for students of Politics, International Relations, International/Security Studies with an interest on contemporary Turkey.

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